Bula! I am Edward Tavanavanua and studying journalism at the University of the South Pacific. This blog is, simply, a creative outlook on news that happens around the world, but with more focus on issues that arise in Fiji – where I am from. I may be a journalist – technically, a journalism student – but that does not deter from the fact that, just like you, I consume news. Sometimes what we see, read or hear is a bit too ‘difficult’ to digest, so this blog aims at breaking down these masses of news that media produce and making them more relevant and easier to understand. Just like you, I find it boring to read pages and pages of data and nonsensical facts and big words that you would not normally use in casual conversation. Here, you will find news that is presented in a more interesting and compelling format; news that is written with some wit and perspective, but always taken seriously. Like the subheading reads, I am merely a journalist by trade, and an artist by nature.


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